Other Services

As well as our core service of instrumental and vocal tuition, Swindon Music Co-operative offers a range of additional music services.
All our teachers are DBS checked to the enhanced level and hold insurance through either the ISM or MU. So you can be sure that whatever your requirements, our teachers are covered to work legally and safely.

Music Theory Tuition

Several of our members are experienced music theory tutors. If you are starting from scratch and working your way through the grades, wanting an intensive course of lessons to blitz the grade 5 theory exam, or just curious to know the difference between an appoggiatura and an acciaccatura then get in touch and we can find the music theory tutor for you.

Curriculum Support

A number of our members are qualified and experienced classroom teachers. If you need somebody to support the delivery of your music curriculum, or even somebody to lead it, we can provide a suitable teacher. Please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Ensemble Direction

We have several members who have specific and extensive ensemble rehearsal and direction experience. From string groups to wind bands, choirs to full orchestras, we have it covered!

Accompanying Services

Accompanying is a unique set of skills requiring not only technical and musical proficiency on the piano, but also keen listening and ensemble skills. The ability to recognise the need for help through subtle visual and musical cues, the ability to cope with sudden and unexpected shifts in tempo, dynamics, style and bar number as you ride the wave of somebody else’s musical interpretation of a piece! Luckily, a number of our teachers have these skills along with vast experience in accompanying:

  • Exams ranging from grade 1 through to diploma level.
  • University or music college auditions.
  • Music festivals, competitions and concerts.
  • GCSE and A-level performances.

If you need an accompanist, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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